Adventures in time and space

In 2016 I made a small web app to help me calculate the ideal values for reverbs and delay, as I constantly found myself doing the math (which I never could remember anyway) by hand, just to be sure that the decay on the snare drum wasn’t messing things up, or to make sure the pre-delay wouldn’t become a post-delay at some point.

I just gotta say it hasn’t aged very well (but in the greater perspective – who has?). Although a bit sloppy looking, it still works, and that was the point anyway. I had actually forgotten all about it until recently.

The reason why I didn’t make a Swift version for iOS/iPad initially, was simply that it would require that I had my smart phone or iPad with me to every studio session, which would be pointless and counter-productive for me, so I figured that I probably could throw something together with javascript and old school HTML. And so I did.


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Andreas has been tinkering with some musical instrument since the age of 3, and he got his first 4 track Porta Studio at the age of 12. Since then, he has been in front of a mixing desk whenever possible. He is also an avid songwriter, and writes for his own projects, as well as other artists/bands. He has used computers for production since the age of 16, and has been a Mac/Logic Pro user since 2010, when he did "the big switch". He has never looked back. Andreas´mind is almost constantly occupied with music, and chances are great you´ll find him in some studio, in some akward hunched position with a big smile on his face.