Workflow: Naming of your Logic Pro X content

One essential factor to having a good workflow in Logic Pro X is naming your tracks, regions, clips, patches and channel strip settings. It might not seem like such a big deal, but when you´re looking for a specific track comp while editing, and all you can find is dozens of “copy of <project name>036.bip.bip.aif” and similar, you will see my point. Beep beep.

Name your tracks and audio files, or get beeped (says Coyote)
Name your tracks and audio files, or get beeped (says Coyote)

Thankfully, there are key commands for making this a bit easier to maintain. Here´s the lowdown, with default key commands (you can customize this to your hearts content in Logic Pro X – Key Commands – Edit):


⇧ + ENTER: (Re)name Track

⇧ + n: (Re)name Region (select region first)

⇧ + t: (Re)name Take or Comp

⌥ ⇧ + n: Name regions by track name (I use this quite a lot)

⌥ ⇧ ⌘ + n : Name track by region name

⇧ + ´: (Re)name Marker


You can also assign a custom key command for “Rename Project”, although I recommend to use the “Save as…” option.


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