A more audible click track

Ever wondered how to change the metronome in Logic Pro X to a more sensible and audible one? Here´s a tip to stop that Klopfgeist from haunting your projects:

  1. Clone these settings in Project Settings – Metronome (the Midi click settings on the right is NOT necessary, it´s the key settings on the left that are important).
    Metronome settings in Logic Pro X
  2. I made a ready-to-go channel strip setting you can download.  Copy the file to your desktop, open Finder, press ⇧⌘ + g and paste:
    ~/Music/Audio Music Apps/Channel Strip Settings/Instrument
  3. Now drag the file from your desktop to the above folder.
  4. (Re)start Logic. In a project, open the mixer, choose to view ALL tracks
    Mixer view
  5. Select the channel strip named “Click”. Press “Setting”, and you should be able to see my custom metronome template called Metronome. Click it.
  6. Press R to test it. You´re welcome.