Ready, Set – Blog!

Welcome to my humble music blog among millions of other blogs. My argument for not making this blog earlier has always been “There´s plenty of people out there doing it already, why bother”, but then again – every day someone is asking me about something related to music production, and in most cases their reply is something like “Wow! This will save me lots of time, I wish I knew about this earlier”.

So I decided to give it a go, and share the quirks, the in and outs, the great hidden stuff, the not so great bugs, the workflows, the workarounds, the tiny knitbits that make you go “oooh!”, and probably lots of the stuff you already know – but if there is one thing I learned in these 25 or so years that I worked with music: There is always someone who´s in the dark, just waiting for that magical key that will unlock their hidden powers. 

I´m not a wizard, and I do not possess any superpowers in that regard. But for me, the magic of teaching and learning can be summed up like this:

Knowledge is power. If some information seems unimportant to me, it´s most likely very important to someone else. We´re all at different paths, and the more aware you are of others, the more you learn yourself.

What on earth does this have to do with music production, you might (rightfully) ask. Well, nothing and everything. Firstly, it´s the argument that convinced me to start this blog. Secondly, you WILL be a better producer if you pay attention to how your production is perceived/received by your audience. All music have a message (yes, even instrumentals), the composer and the producer are the people who are mainly influencing how the message will be received by the listener.

Again: Be aware of the message, how you want it delivered, and who your target audience is. There are many great functions in computer software, but in my opinion they are all useless if you are writing and producing like a robot (in fact, the minimum requirements on the box should be a working connection between the head and the heart).

This was my opening rant. Now I will try to keep it simple: One short production advice every day. This blog is supposed to be mainly Logic Pro X-related, so expect a great deal of that, but I´ll also post some general production tips (and nerdy stuff about patching and gadgets, due to my geeky nature).  We´re rolling!